We value people over profit and honor experiential service.

Authenticity and transparency live at the heart of everything we do



1910 N Ola Ave #108
Tampa, FL 33602


Monday – Thursday | 7am – 10pm
Friday | 7am - 11pm
Saturday | 8am - 11pm
Sunday | 9am – 9pm


They say love isn't fully realized until it is expressed; we believe that these moments are not fully enjoyed until they are shared. We are a company with a bar, coffee trike, specializing in the service and wholesale distribution of our flagship cold coffee, Pressure Brew.



1910 N Ola Ave #108
Tampa, FL 33602

From daily coffee service, to special events and collaborative projects, we curate opportunities that allow community to happen naturally. For us, it happens most naturally over a cup of coffee. So, whether it be around the table, at the bar, in the open air, or collaborating on a special project, we can share these moments with the people around us, in order that they may be more fully enjoyed.


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