Seminole Heights Brunch

Seminole Heights Brunch.jpg

What makes a meal special? The calibur of execution, sure. The quality of ingredients, definitely. But we're hedging our bets on more of a 'sure thing'...the company. The truth is, we get nearly as much joy out of sharing the experience and savoring its highlights with others, as much as we enjoy partaking in the meal itself.

One of the first communal meals we prepared was at a private residence in Tampa's historic Seminole Heights. We had a blast cooking and serving an exceptional feast, as well as brewing some really special coffee pairings, for what turned out to be a very memorable experience! 

The cast iron skillet fried pig skin was mind blowing, especially followed up with the from-scratch Bloody Maria's.

The natural Geisha from Finca Los Lajones, Panama - roasted perfectly by Verve Coffee Roasters - was the absolute perfect pairing for the Dutch Baby & Candied Lemon. 

But I would venture to say, that the most memorable part of the day, was hanging around the kitchen and table, taking it all in...together!

Here's to memories around the table.


Joel DavisComment