Pressure Brew

We have developed our own unique method of brewing cold coffee that allows us to highlight the sweetness, nuance and character of exceptional coffees - we call it, Pressure Brew. 


It all started for us with our desire for a quality, naturally sweet, lively and refreshing cup of cold coffee. We live in Florida, where it's practically summer year round. The last thing that sounds appealing on a humid, blazing, Florida afternoon is a traditional cold brew coffee that gives you an over-caffeinated, flat, concentrate and leaves you feeling like you just drank 12oz of maple syrup.

In comes Pressure Brew. Imagine walking into your favorite coffee bar (that feels more like your local brewery). You belly up to the bar and order a flight sampler of 4 different single-origin cold coffees. Your barista pours your coffees of choice off the nitro tap system and slides the flight across the table. While the coffee cascades like a Guinness and the head settles at the top of your glass, you begin to sip and actually taste the difference between each origin! This is the type of experience our Pressure Brew allows - engaging all of your senses in the enjoyment of an exquisite cup of coffee. We are working hard to push the community and culture of coffee in Tampa by partnering with quality roasters from across the country to make exceptional coffees available locally.

We are honored to partner with Ruby Coffee Roasters (Portage County, WI).

Interested in getting Pressure Brew on tap at your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or office?